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The SHADE fabric screen is made of high-strength polyester with a PU coating on both sides. The low surface weight of the screen harmonises

perfectly with the way the system works. The specially developed fabric lends our customers peace of mind through its excellent UV- and water-resistence.

All of our fabrics have a UPF value of 50+.



the varying colouring and texture of the fabric screen portrayed here may not correspond to the real appearance of the fabric


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"At last - sun protection where the screen attracts attention rather than the technicalities!"                  




Stefanie Dreier

Sun Protection in Colour


The membrane was developed especially for SHADE's high standards. The fabric screen

is very light, mould-resistent,  completely waterproof, dirt-repellent, and with its sun protection factor of 0+, offers strong protection from health-endangering UV rays. The UV-stabilisation ensures that the fabric

stays highly tear-resistent and maintains its rich

colour even in the long term.


When the fabric screen is unrolled, a leaf-like structure may appear to a greater or lesser degree in the fabric. This does not affect the functioning or quality of the screen. The leaf-like effect fades after a short period of strong sunshine.




Technical Data

  • The membrane of the fabric screen has a UV-protection value of UPF 50+
  • Excellent rain protection through waterproof membrane

  • Water runs off automatically when suspended at an inclination of 8 or more degrees

  • All-year-round use

  • Mould-resistent

  • Dirt-repellent

  • High tear-resistence and rich colours due to UV-stabilisation