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development / production and trade of sun protection products

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Florian Aulinger

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Data Protection Declaration

We take the protection of personal data very seriously and want you to feel secure when visiting our website. We process personal data which

are collected when you visit our website according to legal regulations, especially the Federal Data Protection Act and the Telemedia Act.

How do we process personal data?
On some pages of our website, we offer you the opportunity to contact us. The personal data which is transferred to us is only used for the

purpose for which it has been entrusted to us. Your data will not be passed on to third parties. 


What is personal data?
Personal data is information which enables a person to be identified. This includes a person's real name, address and telephone number.

Information which is not directly connected to a person's real identity (e.g. favourite websites or the number of visitors to a website) does not

count as personal data. (For more on this subject, see "Is my data recorded when I visit this site?")


Which data is accessed?
In as far as the option of entering personal or company data (email addresses, names, addresses) into our website exists, the entering of this

data only exists on a voluntary basis on the part of the user. The utilisation of all the services on offer is also permitted without entering such data

or by entering anonymised data or a pseudonym, as far as this is technically possible and reasonable.


Is my data recorded when I visit this site?

Every time a user accesses one of the pages of our website and every time a file is accessed, data on this event is saved

in a protocol file on our server:

  • IP-Address
  • Page from which the data was requested
  • Date and time
  • Browser type and browser settings
  • Operating system
  • The page which is being accessed
  • data volume transferred
  • access status (data transferred, data not found, etc.)

Statistics are generated from this data. These help us to adjust our website presence according to the needs of our customers. A personal connection can only be derived if you register directly on our website or access our pages directly from a personalised page. However, such data will never, not even in part, be passed onto third parties.


Do you use cookies?
We employ session cookies on our site. The data is not stored long-term. The use of temporary cookies has the advantage that if you fill out several 

forms on our web pages, you do not  have to enter your personal data more than once. The cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser.

Most browsers are set up so that they automatically accept cookies. However, you can deactivate the saving of cookies or change your browser settings so

that you receive a message as soon as cookies are sent.
If cookies have been deactivated, a so-called session-ID serves the purpose of identifying a person during their use of our website. No data is saved from

your computer. The session-ID is deleted when you cease to access the website.


Do you pass on my data to third parties?
We only use personal data for internal purposes pertaining to customer relations. Your data will never be passed on to third parties without your permission. Personal data will only ever be recorded or passed on to state institutions and authorities entitled to receive such information within the framework of the relevant laws or in situations where we are required to do so by a court order.  All of our employees and service companies are obliged to maintain confidentiality and to comply with the data protection regulations.


How can I check, correct or delete my data?
According to paragraph 34 and paragraph 6b of the Federal Data Protection Act, users have the right, on demand and free of charge, to receive

information about the data which has been recorded on them. In addition, the user has the right, within the legal limits, to correct, block or delete this

personal data. In any of these cases, please contact is directly.

Will this data protection code be subject to changes?
If necessary, in accordance with current circumstances such as an ammendment to the Federal Data Protection Act, we may update this

data protection code.


1. Duration of Warranty

The company SHADESIGN GmbH grants you a Warranty of two years from the data of the invoice after buying their products. This does not
affect your claim to statutory warranty.


2. Area of application


The Warranty applies to sun protection products which are sold in Germany and other countries in the European Community.


3. Warranty Coverage
  • UV-resistence / colour fastness of fabric screen
  • Tear-resistence of seams
  • Functioning of the columns and wall brackets
  • Durability of the varnishing / coatings
4. Conditions of the warranty

The company SHADESIGN GmbH has an obligation to the buyer of any product which does not meet the stipulated qualities, so as to perform repairs free of charge or to provide a replacement delivery free of charge during the duration of the guarentee on the receipt of a written request. Any other kind of reimbursement for transport costs, installation, reinstallation, deinstallation and assembly or any other kinds of costs are excluded from the warranty.
Any additional damages or direct or indirect losses  are also excluded from this Warranty


5.Application of the warranty

The current warranty is applicable

a) When the consumer sends a written request to the company SHADESIGN GmbH within 8 days of the occurence of the defect, including the following documents:
  • A copy of the sales documentation (invoice)
  • A clear description of the defect
  •  A written authorisation for the installation to be examined by the company SHADESIGN GmbH or by a third
    party company authorised by SHADESIGN GmbH

b) For products from the SHADESIGN GmbH range that  were delivered, handled, stored and installed under normal conditions and in compliance with all of SHADESIGN GmbH's technical instructions. 


6.Exclusion from the Warranty

The Warranty does not aply to damage or defetcs which occurred through improper use (the following list of examples is in no way complete):
through the use of connection or fastening elements or accessories which are not designed for SHADESIGN GmbH products:
  • Non-compliance with installation and care instructions
  • Non-compliance with the operation instructions
  • In cases of faulty installation
  • In cases when repairs have been carried out by the customer / non-authorised parties, and when changes have occured due
    to chemical and physical effects on the surface of the material through improper use, e.g. damage by sharp objects, damage by
    foreign objects, damage due to hail, etc.
7.Place of jurisdiction

Relevant place of jurisdiction for all disputes regarding the interpretation, application and implementation of this document is the regional court of Traunstein

Bruckmühl, 1st of April 2018