Awnings were yesterday
SHADEONE® Twister-Sail

Shadesign develops innovative sun protection systems to the highest level of quality and design. Easy to operate, the SHADEONE® Twister-Sail

lets you have sun or shade whenever you choose.


The SHADEONE® Twister-Sail combines the elegant and light design of a sun sail with all the advantages

of a more complicated awning system.


The system allows a total area of some 34.5m² to be covered and offers  amazing

value for money compared to awnings and rollable sun sails. Compare it for yourself!




SHADEONE® An Overview

  • Can be mounted on almost any surface (e.g. even on vulnerable surfaces of prefabricated houses)
  • The fabric membrane has excellent self-cleaning properties
  • The patented winding system means that the accumulation of dirt is minimised.
  • Easy to unroll and roll up again, requiring the minimum of exertion
  • Optimal rain protection due to waterproof membrane
  • No water pockets - water runs off the membrane automatically when suspended at an inclination of 8 or more degrees
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for use under glass
  • Widths of up to 600cm / Extension length up to 575cm

Shadesign – NEWS

  • annual closing

    The shadesign GmbH & Co. KG will be closed during the period from 23rd December 2015 until 17th January 2017.
  • SHADEONE® Winter Sale from 1st November 2015

    That's why we're offering a special winter

    reduction of 5% on our SHADEONE® Twister Sail,

    from 1st November 2015. The offer is valid until

    20th March 2016!


    Winter is just around the corner - a time when you're usually longing for sunbeams rather

    than wanting protection from them.

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